Stan Reynolds

The museum was created by Stan Reynolds in the mid-20th century after curating a large collection of machinary, automobiles, and airplanes. The main building, aviation display hangar, and storage facility are majority of the property.


Reynolds, over his years of collecting, had collected enough vehicles to open his private exhibition. Over time, he donated part of his collections to be displayed in the public museum and provincial government.


The Reynolds-Alberta Museum opened in 1992 to display the donated items. Stan Reynolds continued to donate artifacts ofter opening in addition to further developing the museum in 2017 by the provincial government.


More than 100 major artifacts are displayed in the main museum building with over 6,600 artifacts in total as of 2020. Most, however, are kept in the storage building.


"What a great gem. The museum is fascinating with beautifully restored vehicles, airplanes and farm machinery. Highly recommended fo you to try out!"

- Trip Advisor

"This is such a great collections! It is not only a great place to see gorgeous one of a kind vehicles but it also shows you the evolution of vehicles and farm machinery."

- Sterling Lawyers

"Alberta is spoiled with some very good museums, but Reynolds shines bright even on that background. It is truly a world-class place! Quality of restoration is stunning too."

- Yelp